The Official Site of the 2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Kaoshiung

Year of the Tiger
Mini Lantern

In ancient China, tigers were held in high regard, and played a key role in folk beliefs. People believed that tigers could be under the direction of a god, such as a god of a mountain or a city. Such a tiger possessed supernatural powers, and could bring both harm and protection to humans. Some legends had the tiger protecting children from danger, and also helping to cure diseases.

The design of this lantern features a lovable roundish tiger, rather than the traditional fierce appearance of a Tiger Lord. Thus, the majesty of the gods takes a gentler and more approachable turn in this depiction. The large palm of the tiger’s hand contains the words "Da Ji" and "Da Li." These are Chinese blessings. We hope that amid today’s pandemic and its challenges, these blessings can help bring people spiritual healing and peace of mind.

The feet of the tiger in the lantern can be poised on the ground or lifted in the air in a cute posture. The lantern’s handle can be converted into a platform on which the tiger can stand. After taking the lantern home, you can decorate it with offerings, which it is hoped can help bring blessings to a home. The lantern is also educational, helping to teach children about the cultural history through stories of the Tiger Lord. In this way, the history and beauty of Taiwanese culture can be spread in new and interesting ways.