Condense the faith of Kaohsiung with the glowing grand event.
Cultivate urban aesthetics through the spectacularly luminous nightscape.

The 2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival reflects both the global visions and contemporary issues.
It blends seamlessly into the surrounding urban landscape and echoes from the past. The dazzling lantern shows profoundly reflect the historical significance.

The 2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival is shining its light on Kaohsiung. It lights Kaohsiung, illuminates Taiwan, and dazzles the globe.


Introduction to the Taiwan Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival begins on the 15th day of the first month of the new Lunar Year. It’s also traditionally the last day of the Lunar New Year Festival. On the Lantern Festival evening, households go outside to enjoy lanterns, solve lantern riddles, and set off firecrackers. Sometimes performers entertain the crowds, such as by walking on stilts. The spirit of all these activities is to usher in the New Year with a spirit of peace and prosperity, and to bring the entire community together to have fun.

In order to bring this traditional Taiwanese folk activity to the international stage, and pass on the craftsmanship of lantern making, the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation & Communications began organizing an annual “Taipei Lantern Festival" in 1990. The festival was enlarged in 2001, and renamed the “Taiwan Lantern Festival.” As part of this transition, the Tourism Bureau began rotating the location of the main festival among Taiwan’s various cities and counties. The festival is co-organized with the host city/county. One goal is to spread the festival’s economic benefits more widely. The Lantern Festival has received much positive recognition in the international media, and it has become a strong brand for Taiwan. This year represents the 33rd Taiwan Lantern Festival. The success of the festival has helped pave the way for increasing global recognition of Taiwan’s broad range of folk festivals.